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Workshops are excellent opportunities to refine your knowledge.  Through one time offerings and series, you get to enhance your understanding of the material and further explore the details and subtleties of a practice.


Bounty of Autumn

Katonah Yoga Practices for Mapping a Creative Life in Menopause


Saturday, September 28, 2024  |  12pm-3:30pm

The Collective in Bedford Hills, NY

Saturday, October 19th, 2024  |  4pm-7pm

Yogis and Yoginis, Park Slope, Brooklyn

The archetypal season of menopause is Autumn - full of reflection, transformation and vision. This is an important and potent time that holds enormous potential. We invite women in this time of their lives to a communal gathering of resources, tools, and practices to activate the experience of menopause as a creative process. Through a series of group discussions, writing prompts, and embodied exercises, we will work with the intelligence of nature and its patterns to create maps and recipes of personal agency. These templates offer techniques and insights for the body, mind and spirit. The goal is for you to leave with an inspired vision, a joyful heart and the knowledge to harvest the true bounty of Autumn.


Sound and Katonah Yoga Restorative Practice
A Fall Practice to Enrich Your Senses

Saturday, October, 5th, 2024 | 4pm-6:30
Yogis and Yoginis, Park Slope
Cost: $65 | $75 day of


An enriching experience utilizing multiple tools and techniques to support dropping into deep states of embodiment. Katonah Yoga Restorative postures use formal setups, hands-on adjustments, and props as boundaries to scaffold your physical and emotional structure. The instruments join with this rich environment, guiding attention deeper into the form. When the mind and body connect in this way, breath and energy move effortlessly within, evoking ease and safety, and inviting new layers of psycho-somatic release.

Each participant will receive a uniquely personal experience guided by three facilitators. Chemistry and neurology transform in each posture supported by blocks, blankets, straps, and chairs, accompanied by chimes, tuning forks, singing bowls, and gongs. Join us and leave renewed, restored, and with a greater sense of internal peace.

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