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Workshops are excellent opportunities to refine your knowledge.  Through one time offerings and series, you get to enhance your understanding of the material and further explore the details and subtleties of a practice.


The Bounty of Autumn 

The archetypal season of menopause is Autumn - full of reflection, transformation and courage. This is an important and potent time that holds enormous potential. We invite women in this time of their lives to a communal gathering of resources, tools, and practices to activate the experience of menopause as a creative process. Through a series of group discussions, writing prompts, and embodied exercises, we will work with the intelligence of nature and its patterns to create maps and recipes of personal agency. These templates offer techniques and insights for the body, mind and spirit. The goal is for you to leave with an inspired vision,

a joyful heart and the knowledge to harvest the true bounty of Autumn.

Cost $60 | $70 day of

at Yogis & Yoginis
Dec 2nd, 4-6:30pm

with Heather Greer and Cari

Katonah Yoga practices to support woman through the stages of menopause

Restorative Yoga for Transformation - 

A Katonah Yoga Practice

at Yogis and Yoginis

Saturday, Jan. 13, 4-6pm

Cost: $55 in person | $25 online

Practicing restorative yoga over time opens up a new way of living. Whether one has physical limitations, injuries or simply needs to recharge due to lack of sleep or over exhaustion, a restorative practice is a powerful tool that can be revolutionary. Restorative postures utilize formal techniques of boundaries and scaffolding (rather than habits and feelings) to orient the body and reconcile one's physical and emotional structure. When the mind and body connect in this way, breath and energy move effortlessly through the form, transforming chemistry and kindling a new state of consciousness.

What to expect:

  • An exploration of the Katonah yoga material

  • Movement to inform structure

  • How to use the props

  • Restorative Postures for home use

  • Breath work for sustainability & longevity

  • Techniques to keep one occupied

Subject 3.PNG

Katonah Yoga Adjustment Lab at SkyTing
with Jon Zin Sint & Cari Friedman

Saturday, March 23 | 3-6pm

Using the Katonah Yoga® principles as a lens, Cari and Jon will guide you through a variety of postures and adjustments. The workshop is designed for the adjustments to ground and solidify the yoga practitioner's positions, adding length and direction to the body while simultaneously finding volume and comfort in the pose. Many classes are taught with verbal cues and assists. Verbal cues are good for personal ownership; however, you are still navigating through your own habitual nature. Often assists are not well explained, but only experienced. We will demonstrate how hands on adjustments, with energy-metaphors can be revelatory. A steady, grounded adjustment will inform one’s direction, vision, comfort, and overall well-being. Our goals in practice are to be powerful in our options, to find joy, and develop a healthy life-long practice. This workshop is for anyone who would like to deepen their knowledge and experience through adjustments. It is especially useful for the dedicated practitioner, teachers in training and teachers who would like to understand how to further educate their students through their bodies.

What to expect in this workshop:

  • Breaking down shapes and postures

  • Demonstrations to help assist for stronger understanding and direction

  • Touch! Be prepared to give and receive adjustments

  • Learn & experience how adjustments can transform your practice

  • Introduction to Katonah Yoga® material

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