Workshops & Retreats

Workshops & Retreats

Workshops & Retreats

Private Sessions  

Private sessions offer a way for students to experience yoga conveniently and in the comfort of their own home. Students who wish to delve deeper into the work and more fully experience the therapeutic aspect of yoga, particularly when addressing physical injuries or chronic pain conditions, find one on one instruction to be invaluable.

My lesson produce the most profound long lasting results. An opportunity to cultivate gratitude, appreciation, visibility, and a greater ownership of responsibility. The results are huge and your consistency is what makes it possible to reclaim yourself. Practicing together, I can get you where you want to be. My great pleasure in life is to impart the jewels of yoga and re-discover ourselves to reflect the brilliant life we have.

Livestream Private Yoga | 1 hr 

Our yoga practice is more essential now than it has ever been. With the kaleidoscope of feelings that cascade our existence daily, our practices of Hatha yoga, meditation and pranayama are fundamental tools that help keep us grounded, calm and centered. I have never appreciated the internet more than I do now; it is wonderful to have this venue for teaching yoga and helping to bring calmness and strength from my room to your rooms.  

Cost: $140 | Livestream via Zoom or in person $200  

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