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Join House of Flow April 25-28, 2024


As we move through winter and tap into our depths of reflection, Spring is an opportunity to explore the insights we gain from winter.

Join Cari Friedman and Erica Chen this spring for a retreat upstate from April 25-28, 2024 to propel you into the season that lies ahead, changing your setting to one that inspires and opens up your perspective. Give yourself the gift of being in community while basking in the bounty of nature! With yoga practice, breathwork and meditation twice daily, you'll gain the tools to prepare yourself for the rising of Spring and all that it encompasses, so that your vision of summer is fruitful. With plenty of quiet time to self reflect, moments to gather together over nourishing and delicious meals by owner of Groundworks, Kristen Leonard, and even a chance to get some bodywork done on the property - don't miss this chance to wrap yourself in the cozyness of this home, and surround yourself with incredible humans for a long weekend of well fed spirit and joy, just two hours outside of the city.

For all the details and room options, click on button above 

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