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Trainings are excellent opportunities to refine your knowledge, Further explore the details and subtleties of a practice.

As the seasons shift, so do we. Humans are a part of Great Nature, as such we can take cues from the seasonal rhythm as to how to best align ourselves with the pattern of existence. Just as the trees pull their life force deep into their roots, so can we.


Winter is a time to stay inside, both literally and figuratively. As the world outside freezes we have an opportunity to cultivate a more robust inner world. The yoga practice can reflect this through developing the ability to stay in poses that allow us to fold into ourselves, become reflective, and find deep stillness within our body and our mind. As we shift the body, the mind will follow.


This season is about the depth of inner wisdom, and gaining perspective of how we want to emerge in Spring through traversing our inner darkness. Together we will spend two hours exploring various yoga poses and breath techniques to aid you in soothing and restoring your nervous system so that you may be able to embark upon this journey through the dark months. Through practicing these techniques, perspective can be gained as to how to emerge from the depth of Winter into the light and renewal of Spring

In this Winter practice we will:

  • learn breath techniques to cultivate one's internal landscape 

  • review Winter archetypes 

  • practice poses that support the nervous system

Cost: $55 | $60 at door

Location: Yoga & Yoginis | 432, 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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