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Cari’s instruction seamlessly and perfectly balances the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga in a way that always leaves you energized and grateful.


You will work in her class but you will leave with such a feeling of elation that you will forget all about the work you just did.


Her class is simultaneously full of light and depth and you will not likely find a better teacher.

Joe F.


I am truly thankful to have Cari in my life.

Our weekly private sessions anchor me physically and spiritually. I knew that having a one on one experience would better serve that purpose than multiple yoga disciplines. Coupled with her gift for gentle self inquiry, make me a more open and expansive person both on the mat and in my everyday life.


I particularly enjoy the focus on alignment since having 3 children in quick succession left my body off balance. My sessions with Cari are a gift. I feel nurtured and understood, and my body too has changed

as a result. I am grateful for her light and

passion in my life. They have forever

changed me.

Rachel B.

Brooklyn, NY

Cari Friedman’s teaching is one of the reasons I have continued on my yogic path. Cari introduced me to Anusara yoga and the tantric yoga philosophy. Her classes/immersions were and have always been filled with complete warmth and embody the deeper meaning of connecting ones physical practice to the world

around them. Until her teaching I had never quite made this connection nor begun to understand the true therapeutic effects of yoga.


I am so grateful for experiencing her gift for teaching and for the knowledge I have gained, informing my own practice and my own teaching as an NYC Dance Educator.

Denis Brown

Yoga Teacher

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