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Trainings are excellent opportunities to refine your knowledge, Further explore the details and subtleties of a practice.

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A 10 hour Katonah Yoga Adjustment Training

Saturday and Sunday

May 21 & 22, 2022 

Teachers: Cari Friedman and Jon Ziff Sint



Cari is a mother of two and has taught yoga and meditation for over 20 years in group classes, workshops, and retreats. Combining this work with her lived experiences, she has refined her skills at observing physical and mental patterns.  It is her intention as a teacher, mother, and mentor to help each student become grounded, to expand one's mind and to cultivate a voluminous and generous heart.    After ten years of studying Katonah, as a certified teacher, combined with earlier years of Anusara teaching and training, Cari brings a rich Hatha-Katonah yoga tradition to her students. Her meditation incorporates a number of practices from the Vipassana tradition as well as breath work as a portal into creating more dimension, space, and a feeling of oneness with nature.

Jon drew from a family of yoga practitioners and teachers.  Jon was introduced to yoga early, but took his time to fall in love with the practice and make it his experience. That love was initially propelled by the physical practice and the defiance of gravity but is now defined by the power of the breath + mind, the complexity and brilliance of the human form. Jon's classes are designed to connect the muscular with the mystical body, the physical practice to the imagination. His classes are centered around mindful alignment, creative sequencing, self-awareness, pranayama, offer a physical challenge, and are constructed to be experiential. Jon's training ranges from extensive study with The Sacred Fig and Katonah Yoga to work with Threes Physiyoga, Kula Yoga, AcroYoga, Meridian Yoga Therapy and various bodywork modalities. Jon splits time between New York and Cocoon Portugal, his home away from home.

Good adjustments offer practitioners three main principles: to ground, lengthen, and add volume to the body. In this 10 hour training, we will guide you on how to apply the Katonah Yoga material while offering adjustments to others. Often, a person's expression of a pose is what's comfortable, habitual, and what they know. Our goal with adjustments is to help the students look at each other's bodies in order to improve their function while experiencing the magic of the material. That could mean learning how to adjust a body through joint space, using props or helping a student open their lungs.  In this way, the adjuster uses their currency in order to augment a student's experience which often can be difficult to find on their own. A steady, grounded adjustment will inform one's direction, vision, comfort, and overall well-being.

Come refine skills as an adjuster, develop your relationship to touch and offer someone a new frame of reference.

This training is for anyone looking to deepen their practice. It is especially useful for seasoned practitioners and teachers who are looking to work 1:1 with clients or gain insight into adjusting in a class setting.

10 Hours bankable toward your Katonah Yoga Certification

Program Includes:

  • Introduction to Katonah Yoga theory

  • Learn how to apply the theory in embodiment

  • Refine the way you look at other bodies

  • Build techniques in understanding how to adjust one another

  • Demystify our relationship to injuries and aging. 

  • Learn how to use props to support the practice.

  • Hands on adjustments



Saturday, May 21

2pm -7pm

Sunday, May 22

2pm -7pm


Cost: Early bird by May 1 - $300 

Tier Pricing after May 2: $325, $350, $375

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