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Livestream Meditation

Inquire about group meditation and individual lessons below

Why Meditate?  

Meditation is a practice to help you observe the quality and thought process of your mind.  Your belief systems, conditions and patterns can cause suffering and by witnessing them, you have the opportunity to alleviate and transform them.  From here, you learn to unwind patterns in order to open the doorways to your most true self.  

How Will it Help in My Daily Life?

It can increase presence, calmness, focus and so much more.  It can decrease your level of stress and anxiety, and your nights of sleep can be more restful.  The space of observation rises, which can leave you feeling more free and content.

R e m o t e  M e d i t a t i o n  I n f o r m a t i o n



One on One Meditations available: contact for more information.


Gift Certificates available 

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Remote price options are for single users and should not be shared.  Thank you.

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