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It’s my humble privilege to connect and share my passion & love for yoga with you.
It is an exhilarating and steadfast process to live yoga as a life style. It cultivates gratitude, appreciation, deeper love, an ownership of responsibility & accountability, and the ultimate pathway to enter ones' deepest nature - your knowing self
Practice Transform Evolve


Yogi & Yoginis

432, 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215


Tuesday 10:15-11:30am  Katonah 

Friday 8:45 -10am  Katonah

Sunday 10:30-12pm Katonah (begins Feb. 16th)

Bend & Bloom Yoga

708 Sackett Street, between 4th & 5th Ave. Brooklyn 11217

Tues 7:30-8:45pm  Basics

Thurs 12:30-1:30pm  Basics

Friday 7:00-8:00am  Sunrise flow

Abhaya Yoga

9th Street, Between Smith & 2nd Ave. Brooklyn 11215

Sunday 4:00-5:30pm Katonah 

The Process of Meditation

Park Slope, 6TH Ave between 1st and Garfield

Monday: 9:30-10:30AM

Cost: $10

Email me to receive Zoom link 

Do you feel stressed, exhausted, lost, overwhelmed, resentful, unclear & filled with anxiety?  Do you blame, judge, have expectations, procrastinate, multitask, and repeat patterns? Meditation is essential.

Why meditate?  

Meditation is a practice to help you observe the quality and thought process of your mind; your belief systems, conditions and patterns that causes suffering.  By witnessing them, you have the opportunity to alleviate and transform them.  When you learn to unwind and deconstruct the knots that have strained your ability to show up, you begin to re-enter into the Self that is whole and complete.  

How will it help in my daily life?

It will increase presence, calmness, attention, focus, harmony, and more.  It will decrease your level of stress and anxiety, and your nights of sleep will be deeper and longer.  Your reactivity will evolve into a pause and or response which will invoke a fullness of heart and understanding. 

To attend, please email me.

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