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Reflections and Steps Forward into Autumn

Summer is almost over and autumn is around the corner.

This summer while trying to live a yogic life, I learned a lot about myself. Feeling the cool Autumn air, in the air, opens up the recollection of what lies ahead: slower days, less light and a time to reflect all over again. The transition between summer and fall is always a good time to take stock of what we’ve learned.

This summer my husband, Todd and I were lucky to spend a few weeks in Ireland, and wow, what magic. Alone, no kids and actually this was the first time in thirteen years we had spent that much time together without the distraction of children and work. Being alone allowed us to be silent, and I found myself able to watch my thoughts and feelings. It was easy, delightful, and needless to say, there were also a few challenging moments. But what surprised me was how much we both learned in those moments. Being in a space with less demands, allowed us to be more available and authentic with each other.

Earlier in the summer, one of my daughters stepped into her independence by attending her first 2 week sleep-over horse camp. She did amazing and didn’t even want to come home! She said, “Mom, I don’t need T.V. or phones. I realize my true nature is this — the country and the bountiful of animals, trees and open space.” Here’s a young city girl talking. However, when the summer continued and she was back home, she experienced some anxiety. As an adolescent, these changes are predictable, and I understood that, but still my own underlying current of anxiety increased when I became aware of hers.

A few years back, I came to understand that I had lived most of life with low grade anxiety. It was always lurking and I almost always pushed it down or turned away from it. Later, I came to realize that behind this anxiety was fear, and this fear was stopping me from moving forward.

I now know as I work with my daughter and myself that we need tools to bring us back and help ground us. This is where meditation, breath-work and yoga have been incredible resources.

I hope that your lives this summer have also been filled with love, connection and learning, and that you have the yogic resources, as well as friends and family to turn to when responsibilities and circumstances are overwhelming.

Remember, yoga & meditation can be empowering. With the situation in our country and world, each of us now, more than ever, needs to take action and great care of ourselves.




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