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Being Yourself

No matter what business you are in, you can not help but to compare yourself or wish you were more of one thing verses the other, hoped you looked one way, had the personality you admired, wished certain ways were effortless and natural, that they came easier, that you said it first, and the list goes on and on….

It takes commitment and a passion to the love of something in your life to preserver and not give up; to not let the life out side you get the better of you and to have a calling so great, that you continue.

Being yourself is loving yourself, knowing you’re enough, you’re worthy and have something to say and offer to the world or one. For some, it may come easy to be yourself, for others like me, there was always the mask. The mask was unconscious and asleep; it was conditioning, habit and fear.

It took a lot of repetition of unsatisfactory pattern to understand that my false self or ego was calling for a makeover; to take my life back. I couldn’t handle any longer not being authentic. Haven’t you ever felt this way?

You give in to someone because you don’t want to hurt another's feelings, or you agree because it’s the right thing to do, to make it easier or to not tell the truth?

When we are not ourself and try to be something other, we compromise, resent, contract, and miss the opportunity to evolve - a shame, a tragedy.

Then one day, something wakes you up and says, STOP! You can do this. What is there to loose? Nothing…and yet everything… YOU. One step at a time, you peel the layers, grieve, a lightness of being is born, and you are home.




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