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Breathwork and Meditation

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Service Description

Breathwork has deep roots within esoteric traditions across the world. By focusing during our yoga practice on our breathing, we are able to partake in the universal experience of being moved by Great Nature, through the ebb and flow of our autonomic nervous system. Through the pumping of our lungs, we fill ourselves with lifeforce, reaping numerous physiological benefits, such as improved breathing and keeping our immune system robust and healthy. By strengthening the diaphragm, we lessen the workload of the heart and allow for lymph and blood to be pumped through our internal organs and thereby allow for an increase in the functionality of the body’s systems. Meditation is a state of being, of not doing. Meditation occurs as the result of the effort we put into our breath practice. Through sustained breathwork practice, our mind is seduced into stillness. In this practice, we will integrate techniques that will create new patterns that have a positive impact on our bodies and minds. These techniques will show us the many ways that we can manipulate our state of being and thereby live a more grounded, present, free and healthy life. When we combine the efforts of breathwork and meditation, it is within this stillness that we may find our true reservoir of personal power and insight. Take home tools to help cultivate your own practice of meditation and breathwork. This workshop is for everyone - beginners and the sophisticated practitioner. No prior experience necessary. What will be covered: · Discussion of theory and anatomy · Techniques for every stage of your breathwork practice · Learning breathwork for different goals… stirring yourself up or winding down · Techniques to help you reset the mind during meditation. · Learning how to start a meditation practice and the benefits. Located: Park Slope, Brooklyn | Yogis&Yoginis

Cancellation Policy

24 hours cancelation policy. Lessons must be canceled at least 24 hours before your appointment time to avoid being charged.

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+ 917-783-3782

Brooklyn, 11215

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