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Workshops & Retreats

Retreats are the opportunity to stop, listen, slow down and re-unite to yourself and the life around you; to reflect on our life choices . Turn off electronics, distractions, and attachments, to offer yourself the gift of contemplation. Our very busy lives consumes us; we move fast, survive, get through each day, to do it all over again.  Let yourself recalibrate and have the space to know what is important and what is not; to have the clarity of mind to recognize your choices.  Come participate with like minded individuals, as we build community and share the importance of coming home to our authentic selves by nurturing your inner home with the practices of yoga through body, mind and heart, pranayama and meditation.

Workshops are excellent opportunities to refine your knowledge.  Through one time offerings and series, you get to enhance your understanding of the material and further explore the details and subtilties of a practice.



Radical Aging

Sustaining your practice for Women 

This workshop is for women who are seeking techniques and action to support a practice of longevity, nourishment, and vitality. Bring awareness to the body & mind to create a sustaining practice through decades of great transition. We will discuss how our yoga practice shifts as we age, ways in which we can release cultural expectations and what techniques and strategies best support this revolution.


In this workshop we will explore:

  • responsive alignment for changing bodies: smart pacing, less rigor, and more wisdom to reduce injury 

  • how to use props to sustain postures & create scaffolding for longevity 

  • geometry, structure, metaphors, & maps to invoke consciousness of old personal habits in order to create new patterns of stability and dimension

  • meditation as a tool to facilitate resilience and grace 

  • what to work on in your own practice to enhance growth & transformation

When we embrace ourselves we welcome the passages of life with love, joy and grace, leaving us better equipped for a life that is whole, effortless, and abundant. 





Friday Advance Beginner series will continue.  If you missed the first go around, here's another opportunity.  We will dive deeper into the metaphor "our body as our house" and what kind of muck is left and how to clean it up.  We will further explore the three principles of the Katonah yoga theory: that all polarity mediates through trinity, that repetition gives insight and the universe has pattern.   Please join in this restorative practice where form, fit and function unite

to optimize full potential. 

Fridays: 5:30-7PM

April 12, 19, 26, May 3 & 10   

Cost: $125 five lessons

Location: Spoke the Hub, 748 Union St between 5/6th ave

There will be limited space. 

4 Week Series

No matter where we are in life, it is essential to cultivate habits and skills that allow us in live as our best selves.  This 4 week series is dedicated to introducing tools and techniques that provide support & guidance, structure and strength, competence & imagination, leaving you empowered and joyful.  


We will practice through Katonah yoga's lens, where one of the principle metaphors is "our body is our house": how we live in it, mess it up and clean it is reflected in our every day life.  We will orient and organize ourselves by setting up conditions through measure, maps, recipes, and geometry to get a clearer view of our habits and patterns.


Please join me in a safe supportive environment that builds fluency, stability and wholesomeness.


Fridays: 4-5:15 pm

Date: Oct 11, 18, 25 & Nov 1st.  

Located: 748 Union St. between 5/6th ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn at Spoke the Hub 

Cost: 4 week series - $108

There will be limited space.




A Workshop for Women

with Cari Friedman and Rachel Lotus

October 6th, 2019


Bend and Bloom Yoga 

Capable, confident, and powerful in our demanding daily roles, many of us self ­proclaimed 21st century feminists are nonetheless struggling with various aspects of our own sexuality. Maybe we’re no longer interested in sex. Maybe we don’t actually enjoy the kind of sex we’re having. Maybe our bodies are changing and we no longer feel youthful, desirable, wanted. Maybe we want to have conversations with our children about sexuality but find we are too uncomfortable. Almost always we keep these struggles private, leaving them to bang around inside the echo chamber of our minds. Why? Because female sexuality continues to be overshadowed by shame, fear, and embarrassment. It doesn’t have to be.

Join esteemed yoga instructor CARI FRIEDMAN and progressive sexuality educator RACHEL LOTUS in this engaging, empowering, and galvanizing workshop for women.

In this workshop we will prepare to part ways with the stories we've told ourselves about our bodies, our self­ worth, the aging process, and what sex can and should be through:

  • the healing practice of yoga

  • grounding meditation 

  • thoughtfully facilitated dialogue 

Come open, ready, and brave. Leave empowered, centered, and whole.  

Sunday: 2-4 PM

Oct 6th  

Cost: $55


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