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Meditation supports you to come back to yourself, your truth.  You will unite to the calmness and steadiness that links us to our highest essence. 

Are you stressed, anxious, exhausted, lost, overwhelmed, repeating patterns, resentful, blame others, judge, expect, unclear, not getting things done, multitasking? 



Why meditate?  

Meditation is a practice to help you observe the quality and thought process of your mind.  Your belief systems, emotions and patterns are what causes suffering and by witnessing them, you have the opportunity to alleviate and transform them.  From here, you learn to unwind and deconstruct the knots that have strained your ability to show up and be your most authentic and knowing self.  

How will it help in my daily life?

It will increase presence, calmness, attention, focus, harmony, and more!.  It will decrease your level of stress and anxiety, and your nights of sleep will be deeper and longer.  Your reactivity will evolve into a pause and or response. 


Please be on time -  we will begin and end on time.  This is a private home, so your prompt arrival is appreciated.  If you are late, there will be no one to let you in.


PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL BACK if you will attend, and I will send you the address. Spread the word.


Vipassana Meditation

Taught by G.N Goenka in the tradition Sayagyi U Ba Khin

Vipassana Meditation is one of India's oldest traditions of mediation first taught over 2,500 years ago.  It is a practical method that builds self awareness, in order to live a more fulfilling life and lesson suffering.

Dr. Shefali

For Parents and the Individual.   Dr Shefali is a genius of the mind.  Through meditation & years of study, she integrates Eastern philosophy and Western psychology to bring the best integration of the mind. 

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